Natural Resources!

Nova Scotia is a province that is rich in minerals, and Natural Resources.Nova Scotia's state mineral is the mineral Branch, Branch is found near Amethyst cove and Cape Breton Island. Manganite, Barite, and Geothite are all found throughout the Fraser mine, and all the way through the McDonald mine. Mining is popular around Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Sydney also has a lot of coal. Coal is one major natural resource in Nova Scotia as well as Oil, Natural gas, and the Fishing Industry. Oil as well as Natural Gases are both found on the Southern coasts of Nova Scotia. Fishing and fish can be found at any of the Capes, Inlets, or Bays. Coal is very plentiful throughout all of Nova Scotia.There is not any Natural resources on any of the provinces coins or bills. Great Growing soil is also very common in Nova Scotia. The soil is very rich in sediments and harvests fruits and vegetables well.